198:534   Computer Vision

Spring 2015




Instructor: Ahmed Elgammal -- email: elgammal - cs

Office: Core 316

Office hours: Friday noon-1pm


Regular class time: Monday 1:40-4:40pm  CBIM 22


CBIM is located: http://rumaps.rutgers.edu/location/cbim-modular-building



Class TA: Polina Yanovichemail  yanovich as cs.rutgers.edu

TA office hours: Tuesday 10:30am-11:30am at Hill 266





Detailed Syllabus  


Lectures’ slides and other materials




This is a basic graduate-level computer vision course that intends to cover a variety of fundamental computer vision topics to get you acquainted with the field.



Image Formation: Cameras, Geometric camera models, Calibration, Radiometry, Color.

Early Vision: Linear filters, Edge detection, Local Features, Texture, Geometry of multiple views.

Mid-level Vision: Motion, Segmentation, and Tracking.

High-Level Vision: Model-based vision, Pose estimation, Appearance-based vision, Object recognition.



Recommended Background:

Linear algebra and basic statistics. 

Familiarity with Matlab programming




Most of the topics of the class are covered comprehensively in the following two textbooks


"Computer Vision: A Modern Approach"  - Second Edition

By David Forsyth and Jean Ponce

Prentice Hall 2012


“Computer Vision Algorithms and Application”

By Richard Szeliski

Springer 2010




Other references:



Course Load

§   Homework assignments: (60%) 4 assignments, which contain Matlab programming.

§   Quizzes (15%)