Desheng Zhang
Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science
Rutgers University

(848) 445-8307
dz220 AT

Carpooling Taxicab Services

This 3 min video presents the basic idea of our real-time carpooling system. Carpooling taxicab services hold the promise of providing additional transportation supply, especially in the extreme weather or the rush hour when regular taxicab services are insufficient. Although many recommendation systems about regular taxicab services have been proposed recently, little research, if any, has been done to assist passengers to find a successful taxicab ride with carpooling. In this paper, we present the first systematic work to design a unified recommendation system for both the regular and carpooling services, called CallCab, based on a data driven approach. In response to a passenger’s real-time request, CallCab aims to recommend either (i) a vacant taxicab for a regular service with no detour, or (ii) an occupied taxicab heading to the similar direction for a carpooling service with the minimum detour, yet without assuming any knowledge of destinations of passengers already in taxicabs.

Carpooling in New York City

This 1 min video visualizes the New York City taxi system with our carpooling services about 13,605 taxicabs on Jan 7 2013. It renders the reduced cumulative mileage and traffic because of taxi carpooling in NYC. The top figure gives real-time mileages for both the ground truth and carpooling. The two maps show the ground truth of pickup and dropoff patterns as well as carpooled pickup and dropoff patterns, indicating reduced traffic.