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I am a Professor of Computer Science at Rutgers. My current research interests are in the broad area of Sensorimotor Computation, particularly in understanding human movement and multisensory interaction. Multisensory interaction includes multisensory simulation (integrating graphics, haptics, and auditory displays) and multisensory modeling (based on measurement of shape, motion, reflectance, sounds, and contact forces). My other interests include robotics and human-computer interaction.

At Rutgers I direct the Multisensory Computation Laboratory. A short summary of our current research is here. A major focus of the lab is our Haptic, Auditory and Visual Environment (HAVEN), an integrated facility for interactive modeling and rendering. The HAVEN includes a high speed Vicon motion capture system and other sensors for measuring humans and their actions, as well as visual, auditory, and haptic displays.

I have a strong interest in Perceptual Science, an active research area at Rutgers. I am also interested in the use of interactive simulation in medicine and in medical imaging. I am a member of the Center for Computational Biomedicine Imaging and Modeling (CBIM).

Prior to Rutgers, I was a Professor at the University of British Columbia, and Director of the UBC Active Measurement Facility (ACME), a robotic measurement facility for reality-based modeling of everyday objects. I am a member of the Laboratory for Computational Intelligence at UBC (LCI).

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