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  • Doug DeCarlo and Matthew Stone
    Visual Explanations
    In NPAR 2010.
    [PDF (1.4M)]

Part-based Modeling and Abstraction
  • Peter Borosan, Ming Jin, Doug DeCarlo, Yotam Gingold, Andrew Nealen.
    RigMesh: Automatic Rigging for Part-Based Shape Modeling and Deformation
    In SIGGRAPH Asia 2012.
    [Project page]

  • Xiaofeng Mi, Doug DeCarlo and Matthew Stone
    Abstraction of 2D Shapes in Terms of Parts
    In NPAR 2009.
    [PDF (2.2M)]

  • Xiaofeng Mi and Doug DeCarlo
    Separating Parts from 2D Shapes using Relatability
    In ICCV 2007.
    [PDF (1.0M)]

Line drawings
  • Doug DeCarlo.
    Depicting 3D Shape using Lines
    In HVEI 2012 (Proceedings SPIE 8291, Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XVII).
    [PDF (5.7M)] [Conference link]

  • Hedlena Bezerra, Elmar Eisemann, Doug DeCarlo, Joëlle Thollot
    Diffusion Constraints for Vector Graphics
    In NPAR 2010.
    [PDF (9.7M)] [Project page]

  • Forrester Cole, Kevin Sanik, Doug DeCarlo, Adam Finkelstein, Tom Funkhouser,
    Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Manish Singh
    How Well Do Line Drawings Depict Shape?
    In SIGGRAPH 2009.
    [PDF (2.9M)] [Project page (with data)]

  • Doug DeCarlo, Szymon Rusinkiewicz.
    Highlight Lines for Conveying Shape
    In NPAR 2007, pp. 63-70.
    [PDF (2.7M)]
    [Princeton page]

  • Michael Burns, Janek Klawe, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Adam Finkelstein, Doug DeCarlo.
    Line Drawings from Volume Data
    In SIGGRAPH 2005, pp. 512-518.
    [PDF (2.7M)] [Video: AVI (67M)]
    [Princeton page]

  • Doug DeCarlo, Adam Finkelstein, and Szymon Rusinkiewicz.
    Interactive Rendering of Suggestive Contours with Temporal Coherence
    In NPAR 2004, pp. 15-24.
    [PDF (1.1M)]

  • Doug DeCarlo, Adam Finkelstein, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, and Anthony Santella.
    Suggestive Contours for Conveying Shape
    In SIGGRAPH 2003, pp. 848-855.
    [PDF (1.8M)]

Exaggerated Shading

Gaze-based interaction
  • Anthony Santella, Maneesh Agrawala, Doug DeCarlo, David Salesin, Michael Cohen
    Gaze-Based Interaction for Semi-Automatic Photo Cropping
    In CHI 2006, pp. 771-780.
    [PDF (5.4M)]

Abstraction and stylization
  • Timothy Gerstner, Doug DeCarlo, Marc Alexa, Adam Finkelstein, Yotam Gingold, Andrew Nealen.
    Pixelated Image Abstraction with Integrated User Constraints
    To appear in Computers and Graphics, 2013.
    [Pre-print available here]

  • Timothy Gerstner, Doug DeCarlo, Marc Alexa, Adam Finkelstein, Yotam Gingold, Andrew Nealen.
    Pixelated Image Abstraction
    In NPAR 2012, pp. 71-78.
    [Paper available here]

  • Forrester Cole, Doug DeCarlo, Adam Finkelstein, Kenrick Kin, Keith Morley, Anthony Santella.
    Directing Gaze in 3D Models with Stylized Focus
    In EGSR 2006, pp. 377-387.
    [PDF (5.4M)] [Abstract] [Video: MPEG4 AVI (31M)]
    [Princeton page]

  • Anthony Santella and Doug DeCarlo.
    Visual Interest and NPR: an Evaluation and Manifesto
    In NPAR 2004, pp. 71-78.
    [PDF (890K)]

  • Anthony Santella and Doug DeCarlo.
    Robust Clustering of Eye Movement Recordings for Quantification of Visual Interest
    In Eye Tracking Research and Applications (ETRA) 2004, pp. 27-34.
    [PDF (3.3M)]
    (Note: Our NPAR 2004 paper uses this technique for data analysis.)

  • Patrick Baudisch, Doug DeCarlo, Andrew T. Duchowski, and Wilson S. Geisler.
    Focusing on the Essential: Considering Attention in Display Design
    In Communications of the ACM, March 2003, 46(3), pp. 60-66.
    [PDF (6.6M)]

  • Doug DeCarlo and Anthony Santella.
    Stylization and Abstraction of Photographs
    In SIGGRAPH 2002, pp. 769-776.
    [PDF (1.8M)] [Video: QuickTime MPEG (7.1M)]

  • Anthony Santella and Doug DeCarlo.
    Abstracted Painterly Renderings Using Eye-Tracking Data
    In NPAR 2002, pp. 75-82.
    [PDF (1.8M)]

Animated Conversation and RUTH
  • Matthew Stone, Doug DeCarlo, Insuk Oh, Christian Rodriguez, Adrian Stere, Alyssa Lees, Chris Bregler.
    Speaking with Hands: Creating Animated Conversational Characters from Recordings of Human Performance
    In SIGGRAPH 2004, pp. 506-513.
    [PDF (0.3M)] [Video: QuickTime MPEG (22M)]

  • Doug DeCarlo, Matthew Stone, Corey Revilla and Jennifer J. Venditti.
    Specifying and animating facial signals for discourse in embodied conversational agents
    In Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, 15(1), pp. 27-38, March 2004.
    [PDF (243K)]

  • Matthew Stone and Doug DeCarlo.
    Crafting the illusion of meaning: Template-based generation of embodied conversational behavior
    In Computer Animation and Social Agents 2003, pp. 11-16.
    [PDF (347K)]

  • Doug DeCarlo, Corey Revilla, Matthew Stone and Jennifer Venditti.
    Making discourse visible: Coding and animating conversational facial displays
    In Computer Animation 2002, pp. 11-16
    [PDF (240K)]

Cue integration
  • Doug DeCarlo.
    Towards Real-time Cue Integration by Using Partial Results
    In ECCV 2002, pp. 327-342.
    [PDF (592K)]

  • Douglas DeCarlo and Dimitris Metaxas.
    Combining Information using Hard Constraints.
    In CVPR 1999, pp. 132-138.
    [PDF (443K)]

Face tracking and model-based estimation
  • Doug DeCarlo and Dimitris Metaxas.
    Adjusting Shape Parameters using Model-Based Optical Flow Residuals.
    In IEEE PAMI, June 2002, 24(6), pp. 814-823.
    [PDF (513K)]

  • Douglas DeCarlo and Dimitris Metaxas.
    Optical Flow Constraints on Deformable Models with Applications to Face Tracking.
    In IJCV, July 2000, 38(2), pp. 99-127. [PDF (695K)] [Kluwer link]

  • Douglas DeCarlo and Dimitris Metaxas.
    Deformable Model-Based Shape and Motion Analysis from Images using Motion Residual Error.
    In Proceedings ICCV 1998, pp. 113-119, 1998.
    [PDF (373K)]

  • Douglas DeCarlo and Dimitris Metaxas.
    The Integration of Optical Flow and Deformable Models with Applications to Human Face Shape and Motion Estimation
    In Proceedings CVPR 1996, pp. 231-238, 1996.
    [PDF (559K)]

Face modeling
  • Douglas DeCarlo, Dimitris Metaxas and Matthew Stone.
    An Anthropometric Face Model using Variational Techniques.
    In SIGGRAPH 1998, pp. 67-74.
    [PDF (298K)]

Part-based shape estimation
  • Douglas DeCarlo and Dimitris Metaxas.
    Shape Evolution with Structural and Topological Changes using Blending.
    In IEEE PAMI, November 1998, 20(11), pp. 1186-1205.
    [PDF (907K)]

  • Douglas DeCarlo and Dimitri Metaxas.
    Adaptive Shape Evolution Using Blending.
    In Proceedings ICCV 1995, pp. 834-839, 1995.
    [PDF (434K)]

  • Douglas DeCarlo and Dimitri Metaxas.
    Blended Deformable Models.
    In IEEE PAMI, April 1996, 18(4), pp. 443-448.
    [PDF (332K)]

  • Douglas DeCarlo and Dimitri Metaxas.
    Blended Deformable Models.
    In Proceedings CVPR 1994, pp. 566-572, 1994.
    [PDF (365K)]

Surface morphing
  • Douglas DeCarlo and Jean Gallier.
    Topological Evolution of Surfaces.
    In Graphics Interface 1996, pp. 194-203, 1996.
    [PDF (407K)]

  • Douglas DeCarlo, Jonathan Kaye, Dimitri Metaxas, John R. Clarke, Bonnie Webber and Norm Badler.
    Integrating Anatomy and Physiology for Behavior Modeling.
    In MMVR 95.
    [PDF (86K)] [html]

  • Douglas DeCarlo.
    Generation, Estimation and Tracking of Faces. 1998.
    University of Pennsylvania, Department of Computer and Information Science.
    [PDF (4.7M)]