198:675: Fall 2011
Drawing, Sketching, Interaction, and Depiction

Schedule:       Thursday 10:20am-1:00pm, CBIM 22
Professor: Doug DeCarlo
Sakai site: https://sakai.rutgers.edu/portal/site/50558e88-f405-41f6-95ee-9be7834323f4


Progress in computer graphics is often measured by researchers' abilities to produce compelling imagery with innovative techniques, so research in computer graphics requires a unique mix of mathematical insight, artistic judgment and sensitivity to the design challenges of human-computer interaction. These problems are especially important in investigations that explicitly start from artistic practices, such as shape editing, pixelization, vector graphics and line drawings. In this seminar, we will review key papers in these areas from a methodological standpoint. We'll be discussing their contributions, the strength of the arguments made, and the clarity of the explanations and diagrams used in presentations. We will translate these methodological discussions into guidelines for research strategies in the field, including issues in finding and attacking research problems, designing mock-ups and prototypes, making and measuring progress, overcoming obstacles, communicating results, and making a convincing case for them.

Discussions will be informed by individualized course projects chosen by students. In late November, there will be an internal "paper submission deadline". Actual results aren't required, although they certainly help. Rather, it's more important to lay out a vision of where you're going. The papers will be "reviewed" by class members, and the remainder of the course will be discussion of these "submitted papers".