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From: Pat Gonzales (gonza006@maroon.tc.umn.edu)
Subject: Re: info on x-files
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv
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Date: 1995-02-15 09:25:36 PST
In article <1995Feb13.123813.1@cua.edu> ,
76bibeault@cua.edu writes:
>I would appreciate it if someone could send information on 
>locations of newsgroups, ftp sites, or web pages for the 
>thanks in advance



From the FAQ:

/FTP Sites and Home Pages/
*FTP Sites*
Cory L. Scott (cls6@midway.uchicago.edu) runs a Macintosh
FTP site at cybercow.rh.uchicago.edu .The opening theme
has been digitized as .iff and .snd (mac) formats.The
directory path is /pub/Xfiles. The opening music is in
/pub/Xfiles/Song. He also has other _X Files_ sounds for
the Macintosh, this FAQ, the current Episode Guide and
Deep Throat FAQ, and GIFs and JPEGs as well.

Another FTP site is run at ftp.cs.nmt.edu. The FAQs,
episode guide, music, images, and fan fiction can be
obtained here; directory path is /xfiles.

An FTP site is at ftp.rutgers.edu (/pub/x-files), storing
only the graphic and sound files.

The FTP site aql.gatech.edu also carries X Files material:
sounds, .gifs, and creative stories; directory path is

Another FTP site is at wuarchive.wustl.edu, carrying
MS_DOS sound files. The directory path is

An FTP site (*currently inaccessible*),
trustno1.pc.cc.cmu.edu (previously pc19101.pc.cc.cmu.edu),
is run by Eric Shapow, es5z+@andrew.cmu.edu. It contains
most of the a.t.x-f.creative material, and will be
accepting pictures, sound files, and animations once it com
es back online.

An FTP site in the UK, ftp.aston.ac.uk, carries the
creative material.

The site ftp.shore.net , run by Pete T. Manolakos, carries
text files only; directory path is /members/ptman/x-files.

*Home Pages*
Charles Mcgrew (mcgrew@klinzhai.rutgers.edu) has
established an http server which contains an X Files
mosaic page. This page includes the theme music,
miscellaneous sound bites, this FAQ, Episode Guide, DT
FAQ, pictures of the cast, and links to other FTP areas,
among other things. The path is:

Liam Bahneman (roland@cac.washington.edu) also has an X
Files web server. Its menu is available at

Samuel Ziegler (ziegler@jhu.edu) keeps the Mulderisms and
Scullyisms list. There documents are available by
accessing his homepage:
http://server.cs.jhu.edu/~ziegler/xfiles.html. If you
cannot access his homepage please e-mail him for
information about his list.

Other X Files Mosaic home pages are at

Pat Gonzales
Keeper of the X Files FAQ


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