Computers in Biology and Medicine V 7 I 3

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 181-252 (July 1977)

A computer model of the lymphatic system
   Original Research Article
   Pages 181-197
   Narender P. Reddy, Thomas A. Krouskop, Paul H. Newell Jr.

Automatic classification of the cat's vigilance state
   Original Research Article
   Pages 199-207
   Jack R. Smith, Woon C. Yeo

A computer system for analysis and modeling of multiple pathway enzyme
   Original Research Article
   Pages 209-221
   Chan F. Lam, Nancy Schatz, David Priest

A computer-generated diagnostic decision guide: A comparison of
statistical diagnosis and clinical diagnosis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 223-230
   R.G. Knapp, Stuart Levi, Dan Lurie, Milton Westphal

Constant-step approximation of multi-exponential signals using a
least-squares criterion
   Original Research Article
   Pages 231-247
   R. van Mastrigt

A short note on the performance of two computer programs for the
estimation of the parameters of a multi-exponential model
   Page 249
   R. van Mastrigt

Poetic bits and bytes
   Page 251

   Page 252