Computers in Biology and Medicine V 6 I 2

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 87-157 (April 1976)

A computer system for stereotaxic neurosurgery
   Original Research Article
   Pages 87-97
   P. Hawrylyshyn, I.H. Rowe, R.R. Tasker, L.W. Organ

Computer aided identification of eugonic gram-negative bacilli:
Clustering for bacteriological screening
   Original Research Article
   Pages 99-109
   U. Grenander, J.M. Porres

Computers and the kinesiology of gait
   Original Research Article
   Pages 111-120
   T. Kasvand, M. Milner, A.O. Quanbury, D.A. Winter

Mathematics of non-steady state uptake and release of Na^* in a frog
skin epidermis model
   Original Research Article
   Pages 121-131
   J.R. Howell, E.G. Huf

Response characteristics of a multicompartment frog skin epidermis model
   Original Research Article
   Pages 133-148
   E.G. Huf, J.R. Howell

A general computer program for fitting the Pearson system of frequency
   Original Research Article
   Pages 149-154
   W.K. Vaughn, C.F. Federspiel, P. Meek Taylor

Methods of medical computer sciences: Edited by P. L. Reichertz and G.
Holthoff. Published by Springer, Berlin (1975). 234 pp
   Page 155

Animal population ecology: J. P. Dempster
   Page 156

Techniques for the analysis of human movement: D. W. Grieve, Doris
Miller, D. Mitchelson, J. Paul and A. J. Smith
   Page 156

   Page 157