Computers in Biology and Medicine V 5 I 4

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 5, Issue 4, Pages 259-325 (December 1975)

Remarks on biomedical engineering
   Pages 259-261
   John Horowitz

Computer simulation of biological models using the inners approach
   Original Research Article
   Pages 263-282
   Michael R. Clark, E.I. Jury, V.V. Krishnan, Lawrence Stark

Signal dispersion within a hippocampal neural network
   Original Research Article
   Pages 283-296
   J.M. Horowitz, J.W.B. Mates

A model describing the intravascular distribution of blood volume
following a volume load
   Original Research Article
   Pages 297-302
   A.P. Jackman, J.F. Green

Simulation of inotropy in myocardial mechanics: Comparison to
pharmacologic interventions
   Original Research Article
   Pages 303-310,IN1-IN2,311-313
   A.F. Salel, P.J. Stoll, C.J. Drake, D.T. Mason

Models of energy metabolism of intact animals: Data tabulations,
representation of basal metabolic activities and endocrine effects upon

   Original Research Article
   Pages 315-323

Human congential malformations: The design of a computer-aided study: E.
Gal and Isabel Gal
   Page 325