Computers in Biology and Medicine V 42 I 4

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 42, Issue 4, Pages 353-508 (April 2012)

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A frequency-temporal-spatial method for motor-related
electroencephalography pattern recognition by comprehensive feature

   Original Research Article
   Pages 353-363

Real-time recognition of patient intentions from sequences of pressure
maps using artificial neural networks
   Original Research Article
   Pages 364-375
   Manuel Chica, Pascual Campoy, María Ana Pérez, Tomás Rodríguez, Rubén

Real time decision support system for diagnosis of rare cancers, trained
in parallel, on a graphics processing unit
   Original Research Article
   Pages 376-386
   Konstantinos Sidiropoulos, Dimitrios Glotsos, Spiros Kostopoulos,

Artifacts in wearable photoplethysmographs during daily life motions and
their reduction with least mean square based active noise cancellation method
   Original Research Article
   Pages 387-393
   Hyonyoung Han, Jung Kim

Alcoholism-related alterations in spectrum, coherence, and phase
synchrony of topical electroencephalogram
   Original Research Article
   Pages 394-401
   Gleb V. Tcheslavski, Fahrettin F. Gonen

A novel method for prediction of protein interaction sites based on
integrated RBF neural networks
   Original Research Article
   Pages 402-407
   Yuehui Chen, Jingru Xu, Bin Yang, Yaou Zhao, Wenxing He

Prediction of methylation CpGs and their methylation degrees in human
DNA sequences
   Original Research Article
   Pages 408-413
   Xuan Zhou, Zhanchao Li, Zong Dai, Xiaoyong Zou

Prediction of the mode of interaction between monoterpenes and the
nitroreductase from Enterobacter cloacae by docking simulation
   Original Research Article
   Pages 414-421
   Sako Mirzaie, Fatemeh Rafii, Katsuaki Yasunaga, Kunie Yoshunaga,

Provoked arrangement symptoms in obsessive-compulsive disorder using a
virtual environment: A preliminary report
   Original Research Article
   Pages 422-427
   Kwanguk Kim, Daeyoung Roh, Sun I. Kim, Chan-Hyung Kim

Inferring functional miRNA-mRNA regulatory modules in
epithelial-mesenchymal transition with a probabilistic topic model
   Original Research Article
   Pages 428-437
   Junpeng Zhang, Bing Liu, Jianfeng He, Lei Ma, Jiuyong Li

Supplementary content [mmc_other_a.gif]

BootstRatio: A web-based statistical analysis of fold-change in qPCR and
RT-qPCR data using resampling methods
   Original Research Article
   Pages 438-445
   Ramon Clèries, Jordi Galvez, Meritxell Espino, Josepa Ribes, Virginia

Supplementary content [mmc_other_a.gif]

In-silico characterization of ECE-1 inhibitors
   Original Research Article
   Pages 446-457
   P. Ajay Babu, Viswa Teja S.S. Colluru, Naishitha Anaparthy

A robust algorithm for removing artifacts in EEG recorded during
FMRI/EEG study
   Original Research Article
   Pages 458-467
   Chih-Hsu Huang, Ming-Shaung Ju, Chou-Ching K. Lin

CNV detection method optimized for high-resolution arrayCGH by normality
   Original Research Article
   Pages 468-473
   Jaegyoon Ahn, Youngmi Yoon, Chihyun Park, Sanghyun Park

LabSystem Gen, a tool for structuring and analyzing genetic data in
histocompatibility laboratories
   Original Research Article
   Pages 474-479
   Luiz Cláudio Demes da Mata Sousa, Pedro de Alcântara dos Santos Neto,

Theoretical and experimental study on the molecular recognition of
adrenaline by supramolecular complexation with crown ethers
   Original Research Article
   Pages 480-484
   Tao Liu, Lingli Han, Zhangyu Yu, Dongju Zhang, Chengbu Liu

Supplementary content [mmc_other_a.gif]

Assessing common classification methods for the identification of
abnormal repolarization using indicators of T-wave morphology and QT interval
   Original Research Article
   Pages 485-491
   Saeed Shakibfar, Claus Graff, Lars H. Ehlers, Egon Toft, Jørgen K.

Investigating the relationships between peristaltic contraction and
fluid transport in the human colon using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
   Original Research Article
   Pages 492-503
   M.D. Sinnott, P.W. Cleary, J.W. Arkwright, P.G. Dinning

Identification of voltage-gated potassium channel subfamilies from
sequence information using support vector machine
   Original Research Article
   Pages 504-507
   Wei Chen, Hao Lin