Computers in Biology and Medicine V 42 I 3

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 42, Issue 3, Pages 265-352 (March 2012)

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Computing complexity in cardiovascular oscillations: Selected papers
from the 6th Conference of the ESGCO
   Pages 265-266
   N. Wessel, P. van Leeuwen

Complex activity patterns in arterial wall: Results from a model of
calcium dynamics
   Original Research Article
   Pages 267-275
   Teodor Buchner, Jakub Pietkun, PaweL/ Kuklik

Are the fractal skeletons the explanation for the narrowing of arteries
due to cell trapping in a disturbed blood flow?
   Original Research Article
   Pages 276-281
   Adriane B. Schelin, György Károlyi, Alessandro P.S. de Moura, Nuala

Deep and surface hemodynamic signal from functional time resolved
transcranial near infrared spectroscopy compared to skin flowmotion
   Original Research Article
   Pages 282-289
   Federico Aletti, Rebecca Re, Vincenzo Pace, Davide Contini, Erika

Deep and surface hemodynamic signal from functional time resolved
   |> Functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) prefrontal cortex
   measurements. |> Laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) measurements of right
   and left temple vasomotions. |> Dynamic responses of prefrontal cortex

Non-uniform multivariate embedding to assess the information transfer in
cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory variability series
   Original Research Article
   Pages 290-297
   Luca Faes, Giandomenico Nollo, Alberto Porta

Model-based assessment of baroreflex and cardiopulmonary couplings
during graded head-up tilt
   Original Research Article
   Pages 298-305
   Alberto Porta, Tito Bassani, Vlasta Bari, Eleonora Tobaldini, Anielle

Testing the involvement of baroreflex during general anesthesia through
Granger causality approach
   Original Research Article
   Pages 306-312
   Tito Bassani, Valentina Magagnin, Stefano Guzzetti, Giuseppe Baselli,

Binary symbolic dynamics classifies heart rate variability patterns
linked to autonomic modulations
   Original Research Article
   Pages 313-318
   D. Cysarz, P. Van Leeuwen, F. Edelhäuser, N. Montano, A. Porta

Classifying cardiac biosignals using ordinal pattern statistics and
symbolic dynamics
   Original Research Article
   Pages 319-327
   U. Parlitz, S. Berg, S. Luther, A. Schirdewan, J. Kurths, N. Wessel

Effect of CPAP therapy on daytime cardiovascular regulations in patients
with obstructive sleep apnea
   Original Research Article
   Pages 328-334
   T. Penzel, M. Riedl, A. Gapelyuk, A. Suhrbier, G. Bretthauer, H.

Fetal development assessed by heart rate patterns--Time scales of
complex autonomic control
   Original Research Article
   Pages 335-341
   Dirk Hoyer, Samuel Nowack, Stephan Bauer, Florian Tetschke, Stefan

Automatic identification of fetal breathing movements in fetal RR
interval time series
   Original Research Article
   Pages 342-346
   Peter Van Leeuwen, Anna Voß, Dirk Cysarz, Friedrich Edelhäuser,

Multiscale entropy and detrended fluctuation analysis of QT interval and
heart rate variability during normal pregnancy
   Original Research Article
   Pages 347-352
   Mathias Baumert, Michal Javorka, Andrea Seeck, Renaldo Faber,