Computers in Biology and Medicine V 41 I 6

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 41, Issue 6, Pages 307-420 (June 2011)

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In Memoriam: Blaire Volman Mossman (1950-2011)
   Page 307
   R.P. Channing Rodgers

Reliability and validity of 4D rasterstereography under dynamic
   Original Research Article
   Pages 308-312
   Marcel Betsch, Michael Wild, Pascal Jungbluth, Mohssen Hakimi, Joachim

Automated Marsh-like classification of celiac disease in children using
local texture operators
   Original Research Article
   Pages 313-325
   A. Vécsei, G. Amann, S. Hegenbart, M. Liedlgruber, A. Uhl

Segmentation of 3D cell membrane images by PDE methods and its
   Original Research Article
   Pages 326-339
   K. Mikula, N. Peyriéras, M. Remesíková, O. Stasová

A robust and extendible framework for medical image registration focused
on rapid clinical application deployment
   Original Research Article
   Pages 340-349
   Tobias Boehler, Doerte van Straaten, Stefan Wirtz, Heinz-Otto Peitgen

Reduced-rule based expert system by the simplification of logic
functions for the diagnosis of diabetes
   Original Research Article
   Pages 350-356
   Fatih Basçiftçi, Ömer Faruk Hatay

Design of a smart biomarker for bioremediation: A machine learning
   Original Research Article
   Pages 357-360
   P.T. Krishna Kumar, P.T. Vinod, Vir V. Phoha, S.S. Iyengar, Puneeth

Investigating a compact phantom and setup for testing body sound
   Original Research Article
   Pages 361-366
   Hansen A. Mansy, Joshua Grahe, Thomas J. Royston, Richard H. Sandler

A biologically-based algorithm for companding computerized tomography
(CT) images
   Original Research Article
   Pages 367-379
   Hadar Cohen-Duwek, Hedva Spitzer, Rony Weitzen, Sara Apter

Self-evaluated automatic classifier as a decision-support tool for
sleep/wake staging
   Original Research Article
   Pages 380-389
   S. Charbonnier, L. Zoubek, S. Lesecq, F. Chapotot

Classification of ring artifacts for their effective removal using type
adaptive correction schemes
   Original Research Article
   Pages 390-401
   Emran Mohammad Abu Anas, Soo Yeol Lee, Md. Kamrul Hasan

A system for detecting and describing pathological changes using dynamic
perfusion computer tomography brain maps
   Original Research Article
   Pages 402-410
   Tomasz Hachaj, Marek R. Ogiela

Using phase space reconstruction for patient independent heartbeat
classification in comparison with some benchmark methods
   Original Research Article
   Pages 411-419
   Isar Nejadgholi, Mohammad Hasan Moradi, Fatemeh Abdolali