Computers in Biology and Medicine V 41 I 3

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 41, Issue 3, Pages 123-180 (March 2011)

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Strain measurement from 3D micro-CT images of a breast-mimicking phantom
   Original Research Article
   Pages 123-130
   Soo Yeol Lee, Gyu Won Kim, Byung Hee Han, Min Hyoung Cho

Development and evaluation of a computerized Mandarin speech test system
in China
   Original Research Article
   Pages 131-138
   Wufang Wu, Hua Zhang, Jing Chen, Jianyong Chen, Changyan Lin

E-shaver: An improved DullRazor^ for digitally removing dark and
light-colored hairs in dermoscopic images
   Original Research Article
   Pages 139-145
   Kimia Kiani, Ahmad R. Sharafat

Identification of a model of non-esterified fatty acids dynamics through
genetic algorithms: The case of women with a history of gestational diabetes
   Original Research Article
   Pages 146-153
   Umberto Morbiducci, Giacomo Di Benedetto, Alexandra Kautzky-Willer,

Shivering heat production and body fat protect the core from cooling
during body immersion, but not during head submersion: A structural equation

   Original Research Article
   Pages 154-158

Biomechanical simulation of anterior cruciate ligament strain for sports
injury prevention
   Original Research Article
   Pages 159-163
   Yanxin Zhang, Guangyu Liu, Sheng Quan Xie

Early recognition of upper limb motor tasks through accelerometers:
real-time implementation of a DTW-based algorithm
   Original Research Article
   Pages 164-172
   Rossana Muscillo, Maurizio Schmid, Silvia Conforto, Tommaso D'Alessio

Neural system for heartbeats recognition using genetically integrated
ensemble of classifiers
   Original Research Article
   Pages 173-180
   Stanislaw Osowski, Krzysztof Siwek, Robert Siroic