Computers in Biology and Medicine V 41 I 2

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 41, Issue 2, Pages 67-122 (February 2011)

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Three-dimensional computational prediction of cerebrospinal fluid flow
in the human brain
   Original Research Article
   Pages 67-75
   Brian Sweetman, Michalis Xenos, Laura Zitella, Andreas A. Linninger

Thermal analysis of a three-dimensional breast model with embedded
tumour using the transmission line matrix (TLM) method
   Original Research Article
   Pages 76-86
   A. Amri, A. Saidane, S. Pulko

On the relevance of automatically selected single-voxel MRS and
multimodal MRI and MRSI features for brain tumour differentiation
   Original Research Article
   Pages 87-97
   Geert J. Postma, Jan Luts, Albert J. Idema, Margarida Juliŕ-Sapé, Ángel

Classification of Error-Related Negativity (ERN) and Positivity (Pe)
potentials using kNN and Support Vector Machines
   Original Research Article
   Pages 98-109
   Errikos M. Ventouras, Pantelis Asvestas, Irene Karanasiou, George K.

Exploiting correlation of ECG with certain EMD functions for
discrimination of ventricular fibrillation
   Original Research Article
   Pages 110-114
   Emran Mohammad Abu Anas, Soo Yeol Lee, Md. Kamrul Hasan

A new dataset evaluation method based on category overlap
   Original Research Article
   Pages 115-122
   Sejong Oh