Computers in Biology and Medicine V 41 I 12

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 41, Issue 12, Pages 1057-1186 (December 2011)

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Special issue on techniques for measuring brain connectivity
   Page 1057
   R.P. Channing Rodgers

Special issue on techniques for measuring brain connectivity: Advanced
anatomic, function, effective and network neuroconnectivity techniques
   Pages 1058-1061
   Richard E. Frye

A review of diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging computational
methods and software tools
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1062-1072
   Khader M. Hasan, Indika S. Walimuni, Humaira Abid, Klaus R. Hahn

A computational framework to quantify tissue microstructural integrity
using conventional MRI macrostructural volumetry
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1073-1081
   Indika S. Walimuni, Humaira Abid, Khader M. Hasan

Tract based spatial statistical analysis and voxel based morphometry of
diffusion indices in temporal lobe epilepsy
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1082-1091
   Maryam Afzali, Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh, Kost V. Elisevich

Probing brain connectivity by combined analysis of diffusion MRI
tractography and electrocorticography
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1092-1099
   Kathrin Tertel, Nitin Tandon, Timothy M. Ellmore

Anatomic and electro-physiologic connectivity of the language system: A
combined DTI-CCEP study
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1100-1109
   Christopher R. Conner, Timothy M. Ellmore, Michael A. DiSano, Thomas A.

Review of advanced techniques for the estimation of brain connectivity
measured with EEG/MEG
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1110-1117
   V. Sakkalis

Multichannel least-squares linear regression provides a fast, accurate,
unbiased and robust estimation of Granger causality for neurophysiological

   Original Research Article
   Pages 1118-1131

A comparison of multivariate causality based measures of effective
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1132-1141
   Meng-Hung Wu, Richard E. Frye, George Zouridakis

Vector autoregression, structural equation modeling, and their synthesis
in neuroimaging data analysis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1142-1155
   Gang Chen, Daniel R. Glen, Ziad S. Saad, J. Paul Hamilton, Moriah E.

Effective connectivity analysis of fMRI and MEG data collected under
identical paradigms
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1156-1165
   Sergey M. Plis, Michael P. Weisend, Eswar Damaraju, Tom Eichele, Andy

Extracting biomarkers of autism from MEG resting-state functional
connectivity networks
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1166-1177
   Vassilis Tsiaras, Panagiotis G. Simos, Roozbeh Rezaie, Bhavin R. Sheth,

EEG-based functional networks in schizophrenia
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1178-1186
   Mahdi Jalili, Maria G. Knyazeva