Computers in Biology and Medicine V 40 I 8

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 40, Issue 8, Pages 681-732 (August 2010)

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Optimal design of thread height and width on an immediately loaded
cylinder implant: A finite element analysis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 681-686
   Jianhua Ao, Tao Li, Yanpu Liu, Yin Ding, Guofeng Wu, Kaijin Hu, Liang

Boundary detection in carotid ultrasound images using dynamic
programming and a directional Haar-like filter
   Original Research Article
   Pages 687-697
   Yu-Bu Lee, Yoo-Joo Choi, Myoung-Hee Kim

Decision forest for classification of gene expression data
   Original Research Article
   Pages 698-704
   Jianping Huang, Hong Fang, Xiaohui Fan

Tackling EEG signal classification with least squares support vector
machines: A sensitivity analysis study
   Original Research Article
   Pages 705-714
   Clodoaldo A.M. Lima, André L.V. Coelho, Marcio Eisencraft

A new software program for pathological data analysis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 715-722
   Hakan Isik, Evren Sezgin, Mustafa Cihat Avunduk

Nonlinear dimensionality reduction of gene expression data for
visualization and clustering analysis of cancer tissue samples
   Original Research Article
   Pages 723-732
   Jinlong Shi, Zhigang Luo