Computers in Biology and Medicine V 40 I 7

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 40, Issue 7, Pages 607-680 (July 2010)

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Now Accepting Manuscript Proposals for a Special
Issue on Techniques for Measuring Brain Connectivity (Deadline: 25 June 2010)
   Page 607

Wavelet energy-guided level set-based active contour: A segmentation
method to segment highly similar regions
   Original Research Article
   Pages 608-620
   Anusha Achuthan, Mandava Rajeswari, Dhanesh Ramachandram, Mohd Ezane

Combined prediction of transmembrane topology and signal peptide of
b-barrel proteins: Using a hidden Markov model and genetic algorithms
   Original Research Article
   Pages 621-628
   Lingyun Zou, Zhengzhi Wang, Yongxian Wang, Fuquan Hu

Supplementary content [mmc_other_a.gif]

Genetic fuzzy classifier for sleep stage identification
   Original Research Article
   Pages 629-634
   Han G. Jo, Jin Y. Park, Chung K. Lee, Suk K. An, Sun K. Yoo

A biomedical sensor system for real-time monitoring of astronauts'
physiological parameters during extra-vehicular activities
   Original Research Article
   Pages 635-642
   Ding-Yu Fei, Xiaoming Zhao, Cosmin Boanca, Esther Hughes, Ou Bai,

Analysis of unpredictable components within QRS complex using a
finite-impulse-response prediction model for the diagnosis of patients with

   Original Research Article
   Pages 643-649

Dynamic infrared imaging for analysis of fingertip temperature after
cold water stimulation and neurothermal modeling study
   Original Research Article
   Pages 650-656
   Heng-Di Zhang, Ying He, Xue Wang, Hong-Wei Shao, Li-Zhong Mu, Jun Zhang

Determination of foveal avascular zone in diabetic retinopathy digital
fundus images
   Original Research Article
   Pages 657-664
   M.H. Ahmad Fadzil, Lila Iznita Izhar, Hanung Adi Nugroho

A hybrid diagnosis model for determining the types of the liver disease
   Original Research Article
   Pages 665-670
   Rong-Ho Lin, Chun-Ling Chuang

Study on the oxidation form of adenine in phosphate buffer solution
   Original Research Article
   Pages 671-679
   Yuan-Zhi Song, Jian-Feng Zhou, Feng-Xia Zhu, Yong Ye, Ji-Min Xie