Computers in Biology and Medicine V 40 I 5

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 40, Issue 5, Pages 469-544 (May 2010)

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Fractal features for localization of temporal lobe epileptic foci using
SPECT imaging
   Original Research Article
   Pages 469-477
   R. Lopes, M. Steinling, W. Szurhaj, S. Maouche, P. Dubois, N. Betrouni

Modeling skin thermal pain sensation: Role of non-Fourier thermal
behavior in transduction process of nociceptor
   Original Research Article
   Pages 478-486
   F. Xu, M. Lin, T.J. Lu

Modeling action potential generation during single and dual electrode
stimulation of CA3 axons in hippocampal slice
   Original Research Article
   Pages 487-497
   S.C. Bellinger, J.M. Rho, P.N. Steinmetz

The effect of R249S carcinogenic and H168R-R249S suppressor mutations on
p53-DNA interaction, a multi scale computational study
   Original Research Article
   Pages 498-508
   Shah Md. Abdur Rauf, Mohamed Ismael, Kamlesh Kumar Sahu, Ai Suzuki,

A learning method for the class imbalance problem with medical data sets
   Original Research Article
   Pages 509-518
   Der-Chiang Li, Chiao-Wen Liu, Susan C. Hu

Forest classification trees and forest support vector machines
algorithms: Demonstration using microarray data
   Original Research Article
   Pages 519-524
   Elias Zintzaras, Axel Kowald

Biomechanical simulation of various surface roughnesses and geometric
designs on an immediately loaded dental implant
   Original Research Article
   Pages 525-532
   Heng-Li Huang, Jui-Ting Hsu, Lih-Jyh Fuh, Dan-Jae Lin, Michael Y.C.

Mechanistic electronic model to simulate and predict the effect of heat
stress on the functional genomics of HO-1 system: Vasodilation
   Original Research Article
   Pages 533-542
   Yogender Aggarwal, Bhuwan Mohan Karan, Barda Nand Das, Rakesh Kumar

Corrigendum to `Analysis of factors that induce cysteine bonding state'
[Computers in Biology and Medicine 39 (2009) 332-339]
   Page 543
   Samad Jahandideh, Somayyeh Hoseini, Mina Jahandideh, Afsaneh Hoseini,
   AliSalehzadeh Yazdi