Computers in Biology and Medicine V 40 I 11

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 40, Issues 11-12, Pages 839-952 (November-December 2010)

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Understanding the statistical persistence of dual-axis swallowing
accelerometry signals
   Original Research Article
   Pages 839-844
   Ervin Sejdic, Catriona M. Steele, Tom Chau

The computational model to predict accurately inhibitory activity for
inhibitors towardsCYP3A4
   Original Research Article
   Pages 845-852
   Zhiyuan Xie, Tao Zhang, Jing-Fang Wang, Kuo-Chen Chou, Dong-Qing Wei

Downgrading BIRADS 3 to BIRADS 2 category using a computer-aided
microcalcification analysis and risk assessment system for early breast

   Original Research Article
   Pages 853-859

An off-line gating method for suppressing motion artifacts in
   Original Research Article
   Pages 860-868
   Sun Zheng, Yan Qi

Changes in the initial slope of the QRS in ischemic patients and normal
subjects undergoing scintigraphy withdipyridamole
   Original Research Article
   Pages 869-875
   Guy Dori, Michal Gershinsky, Simona Ben-Haim, Basil S. Lewis, Haim

Simulations of dynamics of actin filaments by remodeling them in
   Original Research Article
   Pages 876-882
   Yasuhiro Inoue, Takeji Deji, Yoshitaka Shimada, Masaki Hojo, Taiji

The development of a tele-monitoring system for physiological parameters
based on the B/Smodel
   Original Research Article
   Pages 883-888
   Wu Shuicai, Jiang Peijie, Yang Chunlan, Li Haomin, Bai Yanping

An automatic patient-specific seizure onset detection method in
intracranial EEG based on incremental nonlinear dimensionalityreduction
   Original Research Article
   Pages 889-899
   Yizhuo Zhang, Guanghua Xu, Jing Wang, Lin Liang

Design and evaluation of an ontology based information extraction system
for radiological reports
   Original Research Article
   Pages 900-911
   Ergin Soysal, Ilyas Cicekli, Nazife Baykal

A non-linear morphometric feature selection approach for breast tumor
contour from ultrasonic images
   Original Research Article
   Pages 912-918
   Wagner Coelho A. Pereira, André V. Alvarenga, Antonio Fernando C.

Towards automatic detection of atrial fibrillation: A hybrid
computational approach
   Original Research Article
   Pages 919-930
   Farid Yaghouby, Ahmad Ayatollahi, Reihaneh Bahramali, Maryam Yaghouby,

Texture feature extraction based on a uniformity estimation method for
local brightness and structure in chest CT images
   Original Research Article
   Pages 931-942
   Shao-Hu Peng, Deok-Hwan Kim, Seok-Lyong Lee, Myung-Kwan Lim

A fixed point algorithm for extracting the atrial activity in the
frequency domain
   Original Research Article
   Pages 943-949
   R. Llinares, J. Igual, J. Miró-Borrás

What is wrong in Katz's method? Comments on: "A note on fractal
dimensions of biomedical waveforms"
   Pages 950-952
   Paolo Castiglioni