Computers in Biology and Medicine V 39 I 7

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 39, Issue 7, Pages 579-656 (July 2009)

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Comparison of two mathematical models for the study of vascular
   Original Research Article
   Pages 579-589
   Obdulia Ley, Chinmay V. Deshpande

An in vivo database model for pharmacological and physiological dosage
for experimental animals
   Original Research Article
   Pages 590-594
   Ali Gunes, Yusuf Ozturk, Ahmad Babanli

Postoperative evaluation platform of female breast implant surgery with
breast configuration indicator
   Original Research Article
   Pages 595-603
   Shuh-Ping Sun, Ko-Wen Hsu, Jing-Shyr Chen

Classification of electroencephalographic seizure recordings into ictal
and interictal files using correlation sum
   Original Research Article
   Pages 604-614
   Maria Tito, Mercedes Cabrerizo, Melvin Ayala, Armando Barreto, Ian

Fast algorithm for detection of reference spheres in digital panoramic
   Original Research Article
   Pages 615-619
   Dan Brüllmann, Julia Mennickheim, Bernd d'Hoedt

Separation of electrocardiographic and encephalographic components based
on signal averaging and wavelet shrinkage techniques
   Original Research Article
   Pages 620-629
   Motoki Sakai, Daming Wei

Application of Kohonen network for automatic point correspondence in 2D
medical images
   Original Research Article
   Pages 630-645
   Vasiliki E. Markaki, Pantelis A. Asvestas, George K. Matsopoulos

Simultaneous genes and training samples selection by modified particle
swarm optimization for gene expression data classification
   Original Research Article
   Pages 646-649
   Qi Shen, Zhen Mei, Bao-Xian Ye

Development of an accelerated GVF semi-automatic contouring algorithm
for radiotherapy treatment planning
   Original Research Article
   Pages 650-656
   Xingen Wu, Sharon A. Spencer, Sui Shen, John B. Fiveash, Jun Duan, Ivan