Computers in Biology and Medicine V 38 I 8

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 38, Issue 8, Pages 845-944 (August 2008)

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Correction of segmented lung boundary for inclusion of pleural nodules
and pulmonary vessels in chest CT images
   Original Research Article
   Pages 845-857
   Yeny Yim, Helen Hong

Neural network classification of otoneurological data and its
   Original Research Article
   Pages 858-866
   Markku Siermala, Martti Juhola, Erna Kentala

Transmembrane helix prediction in proteins using hydrophobicity
properties and higher-order statistics
   Original Research Article
   Pages 867-880
   Ilias K. Kitsas, Leontios J. Hadjileontiadis, Stavros M. Panas

On the reducibility of compartmental matrices
   Original Research Article
   Pages 881-885
   Jin-Zhi Lei, Chang-Yi Wang

Incorporating PCA and fuzzy-ART techniques into achieve organism
classification based on codon usage consideration
   Original Research Article
   Pages 886-893
   Kun-Lin Hsieh, I-Ching Yang

Wrapper filtering criteria via linear neuron and kernel approaches
   Original Research Article
   Pages 894-912
   Michalis E. Blazadonakis, Michalis Zervakis

Supplementary content [mmc_other_a.gif]

A modular supervised algorithm for vessel segmentation in red-free
retinal images
   Original Research Article
   Pages 913-922
   Andrea Anzalone, Federico Bizzarri, Mauro Parodi, Marco Storace

Implementation of CAM physiotherapy device with a virtual spring
   Original Research Article
   Pages 923-930
   Hung-Jung Ho, Tien-Chi Chen

A comparison between two robust techniques for segmentation of blood
   Original Research Article
   Pages 931-940
   Roberto Rodríguez, Patricio J. Castillo, Valia Guerra, Juan Humberto

Corrigendum to "An image-processing technique for measuring the dynamic
movement of cell membranes": [Computers in Biology and Medicine 38 (2008)

   Pages 941-943
   J.J. Evans