Computers in Biology and Medicine V 38 I 7

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 38, Issue 7, Pages 755-844 (July 2008)

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Densitometry test of bone tissue: Validation of computer simulation
   Original Research Article
   Pages 755-764
   M. Binkowski, E. Tanck, M. Barink, W.J. Oyen, Z. Wrobel, N. Verdonschot

Patient oriented and robust automatic liver segmentation for
pre-evaluation of liver transplantation
   Original Research Article
   Pages 765-784
   M. Alper Selver, Aykut Kocaoglu, Güleser K. Demir, Hatice Dogan, Oguz

A web-based tool for the assessment of discrimination and calibration
properties of prognostic models
   Original Research Article
   Pages 785-791
   Azzam F.G. Taktak, Antonio Eleuteri, Stephen P. Lake, Anthony C. Fisher

Anesthesia with propofol slows atrial fibrillation dominant frequencies
   Original Research Article
   Pages 792-798
   R. Cervigón, J. Moreno, F. Castells, J. Mateo, C. Sánchez, J.

Influence of cochlear implant-like operating conditions on wavelet
speech processing
   Original Research Article
   Pages 799-804
   A. Paglialonga, G. Tognola, F. Sibella, M. Parazzini, P. Ravazzani, F.

A multi-level wavelet approach for automatic detection of epileptic
spikes in the electroencephalogram
   Original Research Article
   Pages 805-816
   K.P. Indiradevi, Elizabeth Elias, P.S. Sathidevi, S. Dinesh Nayak, K.

Identification of ischemic heart disease via machine learning analysis
on magnetocardiograms
   Original Research Article
   Pages 817-825
   Tanawut Tantimongcolwat, Thanakorn Naenna, Chartchalerm

A parallel genetic algorithm to discover patterns in genetic markers
that indicate predisposition to multifactorial disease
   Original Research Article
   Pages 826-836
   Tobias Rausch, Alun Thomas, Nicola J. Camp, Lisa A. Cannon-Albright,

A new method of simulating surface electromyograms using probability
density functions
   Original Research Article
   Pages 837-844
   I. Ashida, S. Kawakami, Y. Miyaoka