Computers in Biology and Medicine V 38 I 3

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 38, Issue 3, Pages 283-410 (March 2008)

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Techniques for clustering gene expression data
   Pages 283-293
   G. Kerr, H.J. Ruskin, M. Crane, P. Doolan

Validating an imaging and analysis system for assessing torso
   Original Research Article
   Pages 294-303
   Peter O. Ajemba, Nelson G. Durdle, Doug L. Hill, V. James Raso

A biomechanical model for real-time simulation of PMMA injection with
   Original Research Article
   Pages 304-312
   Z. Lian, C.-K. Chui, S.-H. Teoh

The proportionator: Unbiased stereological estimation using biased
automatic image analysis and non-uniform probability proportional to size

   Original Research Article
   Pages 313-328

An expert system based on principal component analysis, artificial
immune system and fuzzy image -NN for diagnosis of valvular heart diseases
   Original Research Article
   Pages 329-338
   Abdulkadir Sengur

Nonlinear model predictive control for dosing daily anticancer agents
using a novel saturating-rate cell-cycle model
   Original Research Article
   Pages 339-347
   Jeffry A. Florian Jr., Julie L. Eiseman, Robert S. Parker

A comparative study of automatic techniques for ocular artifact
reduction in spontaneous EEG signals based on clinical target variables: A

   Original Research Article
   Pages 348-360

Statistics over features for internal carotid arterial disorders
   Original Research Article
   Pages 361-371
   Elif Derya Übeyli

Application of fractal theory in analysis of human
electroencephalographic signals
   Original Research Article
   Pages 372-378
   P. Paramanathan, R. Uthayakumar

Fully automatic segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions in brain MR
FLAIR images using adaptive mixtures method and markov random field model
   Original Research Article
   Pages 379-390
   Rasoul Khayati, Mansur Vafadust, Farzad Towhidkhah, Massood Nabavi

Reconstruction of biliary structure in 2D MRCP images using multi-scale
   Original Research Article
   Pages 391-400
   Rajasvaran Logeswaran

Recurrent neural networks with composite features for detection of
electrocardiographic changes in partial epileptic patients
   Original Research Article
   Pages 401-410
   Elif Derya Übeyli'.