Computers in Biology and Medicine V 38 I 2

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 38, Issue 2, Pages 155-282 (February 2008)

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   Page CO2

Bringing functional brain image analysis to the clinician: Initial
assessment of an online interactive diagnostic aide
   Original Research Article
   Pages 155-164
   Kristin R. Munch, John V. Carlis, Jose V. Pardo, Joel T. Lee

Fuzzy clustering to detect tuberculous meningitis-associated
hyperdensity in CT images
   Original Research Article
   Pages 165-170
   Warren Halberstadt, Tania S. Douglas

Masseter segmentation using an improved watershed algorithm with
unsupervised classification
   Original Research Article
   Pages 171-184
   H.P. Ng, S.H. Ong, K.W.C. Foong, P.S. Goh, W.L. Nowinski

Fitting and evaluating the glucose curve during a quasi continuous
sampled oral glucose tolerance test
   Original Research Article
   Pages 185-195
   Héctor Miguel Trujillo-Arriaga, Rubén Román-Ramos

Design of a multi-classifier system for discriminating benign from
malignant thyroid nodules using routinely H&E-stained cytological images
   Original Research Article
   Pages 196-203
   Antonis Daskalakis, Spiros Kostopoulos, Panagiota Spyridonos, Dimitris

A knowledge-based artificial neural network classifier for pulmonary
embolism diagnosis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 204-220
   G. Serpen, D.K. Tekkedil, M. Orra

A computer-aided MFCC-based HMM system for automatic auscultation
   Original Research Article
   Pages 221-233
   Sunita Chauhan, Ping Wang, Chu Sing Lim, V. Anantharaman

Computer-aided diagnosis of cervical lymph nodes on ultrasonography
   Original Research Article
   Pages 234-243
   Junhua Zhang, Yuanyuan Wang, Yi Dong, Yi Wang

Design and test of a PC-based portable three-dimensional ultrasound
software system Ultra3D
   Original Research Article
   Pages 244-251
   X. George Xu, Yong Hum Na, Tiantian Zhang

Simulation of aqueous humor hydrodynamics in human eye heat transfer
   Original Research Article
   Pages 252-262
   Ean-Hin Ooi, Eddie Yin-Kwee Ng

Computerized heart sounds analysis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 263-280
   S.M. Debbal, F. Bereksi-Reguig

Comments on "Optimization and parallelization strategies for Monte Carlo
simulation of HIV infection" by D. Hecquet, H.J. Ruskin and M. Crane

   Page 281
   M. Bernaschi, F. Castiglione

Response to the comments by Bernaschi et al. on `Optimisation and
parallelisation strategies for Monte Carlo simulation of HIV infection'
   Page 282
   D. Hecquet, H.J. Ruskin, M. Crane