Computers in Biology and Medicine V 38 I 10

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 38, Issue 10, Pages 1045-1132 (October 2008)

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Improvement of microcalcification cluster detection in mammography
utilizing image enhancement techniques
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1045-1055
   A. Papadopoulos, D.I. Fotiadis, L. Costaridou

Analysis of binding residues between scorpion neurotoxins and D2
dopamine receptor: A computational docking study
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1056-1067
   C. Sudandiradoss, C. George Priya Doss, R. Rajasekaran, Rituraj

Applying stochastic resonance to magnify image and image wave
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1068-1075
   Chou-Ching K. Lin, Ming-Shaung Ju, Cheng-Wei Hsu, Yung-Nien Sun

Computer simulation of topical knee cooling
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1076-1083
   Roman Trobec, Marjan Sterk, Said AlMawed, Matjaz Veselko

Mathematical approach to understand the kinetics of a-synuclein
aggregation: Relevance to Parkinson's disease
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1084-1093
   P. Bharathi, P. Nagabhushan, K.S.J. Rao

A quantitative method for representing balance strategies of
goal-directed human motions
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1094-1102
   Woojin Park, Devender P. Singh, Ronald L. Huston, Seongho Song

Screening of knee-joint vibroarthrographic signals using the strict
2-surface proximal classifier and genetic algorithm
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1103-1111
   Tingting Mu, Asoke K. Nandi, Rangaraj M. Rangayyan

Sequential local least squares imputation estimating missing value of
microarray data
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1112-1120
   Xiaobai Zhang, Xiaofeng Song, Huinan Wang, Huanping Zhang

Dissociating the effects of nitrous oxide on brain electrical activity
using fixed order time series modeling
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1121-1130
   David T.J. Liley, Kate Leslie, Nicholas C. Sinclair, Martin Feckie

Corrigendum to "On the reducibility of compartmental matrices": [Comput.
Biol. and Med. 38 (2008) 881-885]
   Page 1131
   Jin-Zhi Lei, Chang-Yi Wang