Computers in Biology and Medicine V 36 I 9

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 36, Issue 9, Pages 921-1044 (September 2006)

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Auto-adjusted 3-D optic disk viewing from low-resolution stereo fundus
   Original Research Article
   Pages 921-940
   Juan Xu, Opas Chutatape

Continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitoring using concentrically
interlocking control loops
   Original Research Article
   Pages 941-957
   J. Fortin, W. Marte, R. Grüllenberger, A. Hacker, W. Habenbacher, A.

Medical image compression using 3-D Hartley transform
   Original Research Article
   Pages 958-973
   R. Shyam Sunder, C. Eswaran, N. Sriraam

Quantitative analysis of pulmonary airway tree structures
   Original Research Article
   Pages 974-996
   Kálmán Palágyi, Juerg Tschirren, Eric A. Hoffman, Milan Sonka

Modified scaled Fourier linear combiner in thoracic impedance
   Original Research Article
   Pages 997-1013
   Toshimichi Ishiguro, Akihito Umezu, Yoshifumi Yasuda, Satoshi Horihata,

High-quality rendering with depth cueing of volumetric data using Monte
Carlo integration
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1014-1025
   Xiaoliang Li, Jie Yang, Kai Xie, Y.M. Zhu

Similarity classifier with generalized mean applied to medical data
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1026-1040
   Pasi Luukka, Tapio Leppälampi

Comments on "Using functional data analysis to summarise and interpret
lactate curves" by Newell, McMillan, Grant, and McCabe

   Pages 1041-1043
   Raffy Dotan

Reply to the comments from Dotan
   Page 1044
   J. Newella, K. McMillanb, G. McCabe