Computers in Biology and Medicine V 36 I 1

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 36, Issue 1, Pages 1-108 (January 2006)

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   Page CO2

Cardiac video analysis using Hodge-Helmholtz field decomposition
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1-20
   Qinghong Guo, Mrinal K. Mandal, Gang Liu, Katherine M. Kavanagh

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome: knowledge discovery with a data mining
   Original Research Article
   Pages 21-40
   Andrew Kusiak, Christopher A. Caldarone, Michael D. Kelleher, Fred S.

Nonlinear model for mechanical ventilation of human lungs
   Original Research Article
   Pages 41-58
   Adam G. Polak, Janusz Mroczka

Computer simulation of the influence of cellular adhesion on the
morphology of the interface between tissues of proliferating and quiescent

   Original Research Article
   Pages 59-69

An interactive interface for seizure focus localization using SPECT
image analysis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 70-88
   Mark Rossman, Malek Adjouadi, Melvin Ayala, Ilker Yaylali

Using UMLS metathesaurus concepts to describe medical images:
dermatology vocabulary
   Original Research Article
   Pages 89-100
   James W. Woods, Charles A. Sneiderman, Kamran Hameed, Michael J.

Identification of mouse mslp2 gene from EST databases by repeated
searching, comparison, and assembling
   Original Research Article
   Pages 101-108
   Wen-Ling Chan, Jan-Gowth Chang, Yung-Fu Chen, Yung-Kuan Chan, Yen-Ping

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