Computers in Biology and Medicine V 35 I 9

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 35, Issue 9, Pages 735-844 (November 2005)

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Feature extraction from Doppler ultrasound signals for automated
diagnostic systems
   Original Research Article
   Pages 735-764
   Elif Derya Übeyli'., Inan Güler

Telematics enabled virtual simulation system for radiation treatment
   Original Research Article
   Pages 765-781
   Efthymios Ntasis, Miltos Gletsos, Nikos A. Mouravliansky, Evangelia I.

The usability of videophones for seniors and hospice providers: a brief
report of two studies
   Original Research Article
   Pages 782-790
   Debra R. Parker Oliver, George Demiris, Davina Porock

3-D quantification and visualization of vascular structures from
confocal microscopic images using skeletonization and voxel-coding
   Original Research Article
   Pages 791-813
   Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh, Ali Shahrokni, Mohammad-Mehdi Khalighi, Zheng G.

Adaptive signal enhancement of somatosensory evoked potential for spinal
cord compression detection: an experimental study
   Original Research Article
   Pages 814-828
   Yong Hu, Benny S.C. Lam, C.Q. Chang, Francis H.Y. Chan, W.W. Lu, Keith

Error estimation of geometrical data obtained by histomorphometry of
oblique vessel sections: a computer model study
   Original Research Article
   Pages 829-844
   Beatrice A. Nadler, Rudolf Karch, Martin Neumann, Friederike Neumann,