Computers in Biology and Medicine V 35 I 7

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 35, Issue 7, Pages 555-644 (October 2005)

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A graphic tool for curating molecular interaction networks from the
   Original Research Article
   Pages 555-564
   Changsu Lee, Jinah Park, Jong C. Park

A mixture of experts network structure for modelling Doppler ultrasound
blood flow signals
   Original Research Article
   Pages 565-582
   Inan Güler, Elif Derya Übeyli

Quantitative analysis of brain NADH in the presence of hemoglobin using
microfiber spectrofluorometry: a pre-calibration approach
   Original Research Article
   Pages 583-601
   Liqun Qiu, Weizhao Zhao, Thomas Sick

Comparison of STFT and wavelet transform methods in determining
epileptic seizure activity in EEG signals for real-time application
   Original Research Article
   Pages 603-616
   M.Kemal Kiymik, Inan Güler, Alper Dizibüyük, Mehmet Akin

Development and testing of a cross-sectional area measurement tool for
evaluating vein size
   Original Research Article
   Pages 617-626
   Brian D. Davison, K. Yeshwant, R. Kikinis, J. Rolnick, K. Zou, B.

Multi-criterial coding sequence prediction. Combination of GeneMark with
two novel, coding-character specific quantities
   Original Research Article
   Pages 627-643
   Yannis Almirantis, Christoforos Nikolaou