Computers in Biology and Medicine V 35 I 4

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 35, Issue 4, Pages 275-372 (May 2005)

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Design of a portable urine glucose monitoring system for health care
   Original Research Article
   Pages 275-286
   Ho Dong Park, Kyoung Joung Lee, Hyung Ro Yoon, Hak Hyun Nam

Thermoregulatory model for prediction of long-term cold exposure
   Original Research Article
   Pages 287-298
   Xiaojiang Xu, Peter Tikuisis, Richard Gonzalez, Gordon Giesbrecht

Changes in the slope of the first major deflection of the ECG complex
during acute coronary occlusion
   Original Research Article
   Pages 299-309
   Guy Dori, Arie Rosenthal, Shmuel Fishman, Yaron Denekamp, Basil S.

Predicting survival time for kidney dialysis patients: a data mining
   Original Research Article
   Pages 311-327
   Andrew Kusiak, Bradley Dixon, Shital Shah

Interactive 3D segmentation using connected orthogonal contours
   Original Research Article
   Pages 329-346
   P.W. de Bruin, V.J. Dercksen, F.H. Post, A.M. Vossepoel, G.J.

Three-dimensional hip morphology analysis using CT transverse sections
to automate diagnoses and surgery managements
   Original Research Article
   Pages 347-371
   Ming-Shium Hsieh, Ming-Dar Tsai, Yi-Der Yeh