Computers in Biology and Medicine V 35 I 10

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 35, Issue 10, Pages 845-932 (December 2005)

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Development of a computer-aided diagnosis system for a new modality of
renal replacement therapy: an integrated approach combining both peritoneal

   Original Research Article
   Pages 845-861

Genetic algorithms for parameter estimation in mathematical modeling of
glucose metabolism
   Original Research Article
   Pages 862-874
   Umberto Morbiducci, Andrea Tura, Mauro Grigioni

A neuro-fuzzy inference system for modeling and prediction of heart rate
variability in the neuro-intensive care unit
   Original Research Article
   Pages 875-891
   Rebecca Landes McNamee, Mingui Sun, Robert J. Sclabassi

Predicting the anti-hypertensive effect of nitrendipine from plasma
concentration profiles using artificial neural networks
   Original Research Article
   Pages 892-904
   A. Belic, I. Grabnar, I. Belic, R. Karba, A. Mrhar

A system of microcalcifications detection and evaluation of the
radiologist: comparative study of the three main races in Malaysia
   Original Research Article
   Pages 905-914
   Majdi Al-Qdah, Abd. Rahman Ramli, Rozi Mahmud

Reconstruction and representation of caudal vasculature of zebrafish
embryo from confocal scanning laser fluorescence microscopic images
   Original Research Article
   Pages 915-931
   Jun Feng, Shuk Han Cheng, Po K. Chan, Horace H.S. Ip