Computers in Biology and Medicine V 34 I 6

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 34, Issue 6, Pages EX1-EX4, 461-550 (September 2004)

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Analysis and detection of binaural interaction in auditory evoked
brainstem responses by time-scale representations
   Original Research Article
   Pages 461-477
   Daniel J. Strauss, Wolfgang Delb, Peter K. Plinkert

Electrocardiogram signals de-noising using lifting-based discrete
wavelet transform
   Original Research Article
   Pages 479-493
   Ergun Erçelebi

Mathematical modeling of temperature mapping over skin surface and its
implementation in thermal disease diagnostics
   Original Research Article
   Pages 495-521
   Zhong-Shan Deng, Jing Liu

Neural classification of lung sounds using wavelet coefficients
   Original Research Article
   Pages 523-537
   A. Kandaswamy, C.Sathish Kumar, Rm.Pl. Ramanathan, S. Jayaraman, N.

Quantitative analysis of collagen fiber angle in the submucosa of small
   Original Research Article
   Pages 539-550
   Jidong Yu, Yanjun Zeng, Jingbo Zhao, Donghua Liao, Hans Gregersen