Computers in Biology and Medicine V 34 I 4

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 34, Issue 4, Pages 279-370 (June 2004)

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Simulation of five intracellular Ca^2+-regulation mechanisms in response
to voltage-clamp pulses
   Original Research Article
   Pages 279-292
   V. GonzŠlez-Vťlez, J.R. Godi'nez-FernŠndez

Spectral analysis of internal carotid arterial Doppler signals using
FFT, AR, MA, and ARMA methods
   Original Research Article
   Pages 293-306
   Elif Derya ‹beyli, Inan GŁler

Biomimetic model of skeletal muscle isometric contraction: I. an
energetic-viscoelastic model for the skeletal muscle isometric force twitch
   Original Research Article
   Pages 307-322
   C.A. Phillips, D.W. Repperger, A.T. Neidhard-Doll, D.B. Reynolds

Biomimetic model of skeletal muscle isometric contraction: II. A
phenomenological model of the skeletal muscle excitation-contraction coupling

   Original Research Article
   Pages 323-344

Spectral broadening of ophthalmic arterial Doppler signals using STFT
and wavelet transform
   Original Research Article
   Pages 345-354
   Elif Derya ‹beyli, Inan GŁler

An information-theoretic approach to estimating ultrasound backscatter
   Original Research Article
   Pages 355-370
   Renata Smoli'kovŠ, Mark P. Wachowiak, Jacek M. Zurada