Computers in Biology and Medicine V 34 I 2

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 34, Issue 2, Pages 95-192 (March 2004)

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Internet-based patient education and support interventions: a review of
evaluation studies and directions for future research
   Original Research Article
   Pages 95-112
   Huong Q. Nguyen, Virginia Carrieri-Kohlman, Sally H. Rankin, Robert

Sample size calculator for cluster randomized trials
   Original Research Article
   Pages 113-125
   Marion K. Campbell, Sean Thomson, Craig R. Ramsay, Graeme S. MacLennan,

Three-dimensional visualization of protein interaction networks
   Original Research Article
   Pages 127-139
   Kyungsook Han, Yanga Byun

Computer assisted optimization of an electromagnetic transducer design
for implantable hearing aids
   Original Research Article
   Pages 141-152
   Christof Stieger, Daniela Wäckerlin, Hans Bernhard, Andreas Stahel,

Computer investigation of ACL orientation during passive range of motion
   Original Research Article
   Pages 153-163
   S. Zaffagnini, S. Martelli, F. Acquaroli

The detection of impedance cardiogram characteristic points using
wavelet transform
   Original Research Article
   Pages 165-175
   Liang-Yu Shyu, Yuh-Shii Lin, Chun-Peng Liu, Wei-Chih Hu

A high resolution computer model for sound propagation in the human
thorax based on the Visible Human data set
   Original Research Article
   Pages 177-192
   C. Narasimhan, Richard Ward, Kara L. Kruse, Murthy Guddati, G.