Computers in Biology and Medicine V 34 I 1

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages EX1-EX4, 1-94 (January 2004)

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   R.S Ledley

PC-aided assessment of the thermal performances of a MW applicator for
oncological hyperthermia
   Original Research Article
   Pages 3-13
   P. Marini, C. Guiot, B. Baiotto, P. Gabriele

Quantitative analysis of gated SPECT images using an efficient physical
deformation model
   Original Research Article
   Pages 15-33
   Soo-Mi Choi, Yu-Kyung Lee, Myoung-Hee Kim

Simulation of some short-term control mechanisms in cardiovascular
   Original Research Article
   Pages 35-49
   T. Podnar, F. Runovc, Irina Milisav, M. Kordas

Nerve stimulation with an electrode of finite size: differences between
constant current and constant voltage stimulation
   Original Research Article
   Pages 51-94
   Mark M. Stecker