Computers in Biology and Medicine V 33 I 4

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 33, Issue 4, Pages 303-394 (July 2003)

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Transmission and storage of medical images with patient information
   Original Research Article
   Pages 303-310
   Rajendra Acharya U., P. Subbanna Bhat, Sathish Kumar, Lim Choo Min

Computer assisted evaluation of wound healing in chronic ulcers
   Original Research Article
   Pages 311-317
   Andreas Manios, Androniki Tosca, Evaggelos Volakakis, Moshoula

An intelligent system for diagnosis of the heart valve diseases with
wavelet packet neural networks
   Original Research Article
   Pages 319-331
   Ibrahim Turkoglu, Ahmet Arslan, Erdogan Ilkay

Detection of ophthalmic artery stenosis by least-mean squares
backpropagation neural network
   Original Research Article
   Pages 333-343
   Inan Güler, Elif Derya Übeyli

A computer model for the study of breast cancer
   Original Research Article
   Pages 345-360
   Kimbroe J. Carter, Frank Castro, Edward Kessler, Barbara Erickson

Use of neural networks for dosage individualisation of erythropoietin in
patients with secondary anemia to chronic renal failure
   Original Research Article
   Pages 361-373
   José D. Marti'n Guerrero, Emilio Soria Olivas, Gustavo Camps Valls,

Characterization of arterial stenosis and elasticity by analysis of
high-frequency pressure wave components
   Original Research Article
   Pages 375-393
   Zehava Ovadia-Blechman, Shmuel Einav, Uri Zaretsky, David Castel,