Computers in Biology and Medicine V 32 I 1

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 32, Issue 1, Pages 1-54 (January 2002)

Automated and representative fascicle selection for computer-assisted
morphometry of myelinated nerve fibres in peripheral nerves
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1-11
   Rainer Lindemuth, Dieter Mink, Christine Ernzerhof, Klaus Schimrigk

Comparison of time-frequency analysis techniques in intraoperative
somatosensory evoked potential (SEP) monitoring
   Original Research Article
   Pages 13-23
   Yong Hu, Keith Dipkei Luk, William Weijia Lu, John Chiyan Leong

A real-time EMG-driven virtual arm
   Original Research Article
   Pages 25-36
   Kurt Manal, Roger V. Gonzalez, David G. Lloyd, Thomas S. Buchanan

Detrended fluctuation analysis of EEG in sleep apnea using MIT/BIH
polysomnography data
   Original Research Article
   Pages 37-47
   Jong-Min Lee, Dae-Jin Kim, In-Young Kim, Kwang-Suk Park, Sun I. Kim

Comprehensive visualization of cardiac health using electrocardiograms
   Original Research Article
   Pages 49-54
   U. Rajendra Acharya, P. Subbanna Bhat, U.C. Niranjan