Computers in Biology and Medicine V 31 I 6

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 31, Issue 6, Pages 407-528 (November 2001)

Adaptive frequency decomposition of EEG with subsequent expert system
   Original Research Article
   Pages 407-427
   C.S Herrmann, T Arnold, A Visbeck, H.-P Hundemer, H.C Hopf

Electroencephalogram analysis using fast wavelet transform
   Original Research Article
   Pages 429-440
   Zhong Zhang, Hiroaki Kawabata, Zhi-Qiang Liu

AR spectral analysis of EEG signals by using maximum likelihood
   Original Research Article
   Pages 441-450
   Inan Güler, M.Kemal Kiymik, Mehmet Akin, Ahmet Alkan

Computer visualisation of the moving human lumbar spine
   Original Research Article
   Pages 451-469
   Richard Cooper, Cosmin Cardan, Robert Allen

Assessment of cerebral autoregulation using time-domain
cross-correlation analysis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 471-480
   Chuang-Chien Chiu, Shoou-Jeng Yeh

Ventricular shape visualization using selective volume rendering of
cardiac datasets
   Original Research Article
   Pages 481-498
   Helen Hong, Stefan Grosskopf, Myoung-Hee Kim

Computer simulations of lung airway structures using data-driven surface
modeling techniques
   Original Research Article
   Pages 499-511
   Richard M. Spencer, Jeffry D. Schroeter, Ted B. Martonen

A model approach to sharing electronic medical records between and
within the state hospitals in Turkey
   Original Research Article
   Pages 513-523
   Inan Güler, Serdar Müldür

The biomedical engineering handbook, 2nd Edition, Joseph D. Bronzino
(Editor in chief); CRC Press in cooperation with IEEE Press, Boca Raton, FL

   Page 525
   Barry R. Masters

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