Computers in Biology and Medicine V 31 I 4

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 31, Issue 4, Pages 215-286 (July 2001)

Magnetic resonance imaging and cerebral volumic evaluation: comparison
of four post-processing techniques
   Original Research Article
   Pages 215-227
   Agnès A. Dorion, Olivier Salomon, Michel Zanca, Michel Duyme,

Determination of aorta failure with the application of FFT, AR and
wavelet methods to Doppler technique
   Original Research Article
   Pages 229-238
   Inan Güler, Firat Hardalaç, Serdar Müldür

Analysis of the imputed female urinary incontinence data for the
evaluation of expert system parameters
   Original Research Article
   Pages 239-257
   Jorma Laurikkala, Martti Juhola, Seppo Lammi, Jorma Penttinen, Pauliina

ANTHEPROT: An integrated protein sequence analysis software with
client/server capabilities
   Original Research Article
   Pages 259-267
   G. Deléage, C. Combet, C. Blanchet, C. Geourjon

Java-based graphical user interface for MRUI, a software package for
quantitation of in vivo/medical magnetic resonance spectroscopy signals
   Original Research Article
   Pages 269-286
   A. Naressi, C. Couturier, I. Castang, R. de Beer, D. Graveron-Demilly