Computers in Biology and Medicine V 30 I 3

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 30, Issue 3, Pages 111-170 (15 May 2000)

Model-based assessment of pressure and flow-dependent coronary responses
following abrupt pressure drops
   Original Research Article
   Pages 111-126
   C. Guiot, A. Merletti, P. Pagliaro, G. Losano

A spreadsheet for the calculation of comprehensive statistics for the
assessment of diagnostic tests and inter-rater agreement
   Original Research Article
   Pages 127-134
   Andrew Mackinnon

Scale-independent shape analysis for quantitative cytology using
mathematical morphology
   Original Research Article
   Pages 135-151
   Volker Metzler, Thomas Lehmann, Hans Bienert, Khosrow Mottaghy, Klaus

Selective medical image compression techniques for telemedical and
archiving applications
   Original Research Article
   Pages 153-169
   Alfred Bruckmann, Andreas Uhl