Computers in Biology and Medicine V 28 I 2

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 28, Issue 2, Pages 91-192 (1 June 1998)

Prediction by mathematical simulation of different pathophysiological
effects on d-sorbitol bioavailability
   Original Research Article
   Pages 91-104
   Mauro Torchio, Stefania Battista, Fabrizio Bar, Gianpaolo Molino

A pragmatic implementation of medical temporal reasoning for clinical
   Original Research Article
   Pages 105-120
   H Kindler, D Densow, T.M Fliedner

A software package for non-invasive, real-time beat-to-beat monitoring
of stroke volume, blood pressure, total peripheral resistance and for
Windows 95/NT and the complete biosignal electronics (ECG, ICG, beat-to-beat
and oscillometric blood pressure and pulse oxymetry) will be supplied in a
compact instrument by: CNSystems Medical Equipment Inc. Heinrichstrasse 22

A software package for non-invasive, real-time beat-to-beat monitoring
   Pages 121-142
   Pfurtscheller, Paul Wach, Josef Schönegger, Peter Kotanko, Falko

Generation and characterization of correlated spike trains
   Original Research Article
   Pages 143-152
   D.M. Halliday

Quantification of burn induced extravasation of Evans blue albumin based
on digital image analysis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 153-167
   Anders Jönsson, Ulf Mattsson, Jean Cassuto, Guy Heyden

Butterworth equations for homomorphic filtering of images
   Original Research Article
   Pages 169-181
   Holger G Adelmann

Automatic interpretation of biological tests
   Original Research Article
   Pages 183-192
   Zizette Boufriche-Boufai¨da