Computers in Biology and Medicine V 28 I 1

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 28, Issue 1, Pages 1-90 (January 1998)

A system for postoperative visualization and analysis of left
ventricular pressure-volume loops
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1-12
   Brian B. Beard, James R. Stewart, Tim A. Fischell

Performance evaluation of filtered backprojection reconstruction and
iterative reconstruction methods for PET images
   Original Research Article
   Pages 13-25
   Cliff X Wang, Wesley E Snyder, Griff Bilbro, Pete Santago

Regional cerebral blood flow determination using ^133Xe and a standard
rotating gamma-camera
   Original Research Article
   Pages 27-45
   Philippe Bruyant, Jacques Sau, Jean-Jacques Mallet, Alain Bonmartin

A cluster computer system for the analysis and classification of
massively large biomedical image data
   Original Research Article
   Pages 47-60
   T Daggett, I.R Greenshields

Detection of negative allosteric effects between monoclonal antibodies
by using an antigenic model-builder computer program
   Original Research Article
   Pages 61-73
   R.C. Aguilar, V.C. Blank, L.A. Retegui, L.P Roguin

An algorithm for the automatic differentiation between the speech of
normals and patients with Friedreich's ataxia based on the short-time fractal

   Original Research Article
   Pages 75-89