Computers in Biology and Medicine V 27 I 5

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 27, Issue 5, Pages 349-476 (September 1997)

Guest editors' introduction to the special issue on time-oriented
systems in medicine
   Pages 349-351
   Carlo Combi, Yuval Shahar

Temporal reasoning and temporal data maintenance in medicine: Issues and
   Original Research Article
   Pages 353-368
   Carlo Combi, Yuval Shahar

Modeling medical trials in pharmacoeconomics using a temporal object
   Original Research Article
   Pages 369-387
   Iqbal A. Goralwalla, M.Tamer Özsu, Duane Szafron

Effective data validation of high-frequency data: Time-point-,
time-interval-, and trend-based methods
   Original Research Article
   Pages 389-409
   Werner Horn, Silvia Miksch, Gerhilde Egghart, Christian Popow, Franz

Representing and developing temporally abstracted knowledge as a means
towards facilitating time modeling in medical decision-support systems
   Original Research Article
   Pages 411-434
   C.F. Aliferis, G.F. Cooper, M.E. Pollack, B.G. Buchanan, M.M. Wagner

Using a general theory of time and change in patient monitoring:
Experiment and evaluation
   Original Research Article
   Pages 435-452
   Luca Chittaro, Michel Dojat

Efficient temporal probabilistic reasoning via context-sensitive model
   Original Research Article
   Pages 453-476
   Liem Ngo, Peter Haddawy, Robert A. Krieger, James Helwig