Computers in Biology and Medicine V 25 I 6

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 25, Issue 6, Pages 483-557 (November 1995)

New algorithmic-based digital filter processing system for real-time
continuous blood pressure measurement and analysis in conscious rats
   Original Research Article
   Pages 483-494
   Ryuji Nagai, Shinya Nagata

Computer implementation in the reconstruction of 2-D flow velocity
fields in ultrasound Doppler color imaging
   Original Research Article
   Pages 495-503
   Ding-Yu Fei, Cai-Ting Fu, Danhui D. Liu

Analytic solution of the Variable-Volume Double-Pool urea kinetics model
applied to parameter estimation in hemodialysis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 505-518
   F. Grandi, G. Avanzolini, A. Cappello

Simulation of stochastic micropopulation models--IV. Snappers: Model
implementation for genetic traits
   Original Research Article
   Pages 519-531
   Michael S.-C. Goay, Badri Prasad, David Gilbertson, Michael Altmann,

Automated exploration of two-level interrelations of differently-scaled
   Original Research Article
   Pages 533-550
   Alexander Crispin, Rolf Weitkunat

Definition and application of a Fourier domain texture measure:
Applications to histological image segmentation
   Original Research Article
   Pages 551-557
   D. Gibson, P.A. Gaydecki

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