Computers in Biology and Medicine V 23 I 3

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 23, Issue 3, Pages 177-272 (May 1993)

Simulation of stochastic micropopulation models--I. The SUMMERS
simulation shell
   Original Research Article
   Pages 177-198
   Eugene Ackerman, Zhangqing Zhuo, Michael Altmann, Danny Kilis, Jih-Jing

Simulation of stochastic micropopulation models--II. VESPERS:
Epidemiological model implementations for spread of viral infections
   Original Research Article
   Pages 199-213
   Denton Peterson, LaŽl Gatewood, Zhangqing Zhuo, Jih-Jing Yang, Susan

Simulation of stochastic micropopulation models--III. COGNET: An
artificial neural network for visual recognition
   Original Research Article
   Pages 215-225
   Danny Kilis, LaŽl Gatewood, Zhangqing Zhuo, Gregory Hatfield, Susan

Computer methods in neuroanatomy: Determining mutual orientation of
whole neuronal arbors
   Original Research Article
   Pages 227-250
   T.W. Blackstad, T. KaragŁlle, M.S. Malmierca, K.K. Osen

A neural network design for event-related potential diagnosis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 251-264
   Fred Y. Wu, Jeremy D. Slater, Lawrence S. Honig, R.Eugene Ramsay

Rapid filtering of large medical images using one-dimensional
convolution kernels
   Original Research Article
   Pages 265-272
   C.J. Gibson

Software survey section
   Pages I-IV