Computers in Biology and Medicine V 21 I 4

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 21, Issue 4, Pages 193-265 (1991)

The value of an expert system in performing clinical drug trials
   Original Research Article
   Pages 193-198
   Willem R.M. Dassen, Rob Mulleneers, Herman L.L. Frank

Autospec^c: Computerized processing of the data output from a
spectrophotometer in a biochemical laboratory
   Original Research Article
   Pages 199-211
   Varada R. Krishnan, Connie A. Morbach, Yves W. Brans

A microcomputer-based device to simulate biomechanical environments for
cultured cells
   Original Research Article
   Pages 213-219
   Daniel A. Wuthrich, Emile E. Ettedgui, Pamela R. Gordon, Stephen

Development and evaluation of two automated methods for quantifying
human muscle sympathetic nerve activity
   Original Research Article
   Pages 221-235
   J.L.S. Rothman, A.C. Easty, R.C. Frecker, J.S. Floras

Color modulation of Doppler spectra with the use of a personal computer
   Original Research Article
   Pages 237-239,241-242
   Ramon R. Gonzalez Jr, A.Daniel Auvil

Can the analytic techniques of nonlinear dynamics distinguish periodic,
random and chaotic signals?
   Original Research Article
   Pages 243-263
   Timothy A. Denton, George A. Diamond

   Page 265

Software survey section
   Pages I,III-IV