Computers in Biology and Medicine V 20 I 6

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 20, Issue 6, Pages 379-476 (1990)

Tile page, volume contents and author index
   Pages iii-vii

Structural characterization of the neural circuit responsible for
control of cardiovascular functions in higher vertebrates
   Original Research Article
   Pages 379-400
   Miguel A.L. Nicolelis, Chia-Hong Yu, Luiz A. Baccala

Algorithm for the national allocation of hearts and heart-lungs
   Original Research Article
   Pages 401-405
   James E. Ames IV, James E. Strawn, William K. Vaughn

A sample computer system for physiological data acquisition and analysis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 407-413
   Jerome C. James III, Nicholas S. Gantenberg, Gilbert R. Hageman

DataVoice^(TM): A microcomputer-based general purpose voice-controlled
data-collection system
   Original Research Article
   Pages 415-419
   Paul J. McMillan, James G. Harris

Fuzzy multi-level classifier for medical applications
   Original Research Article
   Pages 421-431
   Ludmila I. Kuncheva

An epidemiologic approach to computerized medical diagnosis--AEDMI
   Original Research Article
   Pages 433-443
   P. Ferrer Salvans, L. Alonso Vallès

The evaluation of radioactive microsphere data: Remarks on the use of
the BMDP and SAS statistical software packages
   Pages 445-464
   Rudolf Schosser, Wolfgang Gross, Konrad Messmer

Real-time multiprocessing of slit scan chromosome profiles
   Original Research Article
   Pages 465-476
   P. Zuse, R. Hauser, R. Männer, M. Hausmann, C. Cremer

Software survey section
   Pages I-IV