Computers in Biology and Medicine V 20 I 4

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 20, Issue 4, Pages 219-295 (1990)

A CPU benchmark for protein crystallographic refinement
   Original Research Article
   Pages 219-230
   Philip E. Bourne, Wayne A. Hendrickson

A computer program in BASIC for calculating gradients used in
chromatography, electrophoresis and centrifugation
   Original Research Article
   Pages 231-234
   Ronald G. Duggleby

An algorithm for the computer calculation of the coefficients of a
polynomial that allows determination of isoelectric points of proteins and

   Original Research Article
   Pages 235-242

Automatic chart reader--An example of computer systems for patients'
data interpretation
   Original Research Article
   Pages 243-252
   M.H. Zeini, A.W. Mussa, G.N. Dutton, T.S. Durrani

A computerized bioelectrical cardiac monitor
   Original Research Article
   Pages 253-260
   J. Jossinet, G. Leftheriotis, F. Vernier, J.L. Saumet

A BASIC software program to estimate cardiac output and alveolar
   Original Research Article
   Pages 261-265
   Alain Varray, Jacques Mercier, Christian Prefaut

A provider-interactive medical record system can favorably influence
costs and quality of medical care
   Original Research Article
   Pages 267-279
   Kenric W. Hammond, Robert J. Prather, Vishvanath V. Date, Carol A. King

Design of the Diagnostic Encyclopedia Workstation (DEW)
   Original Research Article
   Pages 281-292
   Astrid M. van Ginneken, Arnold W.M. Smeulders, Wicher Jansen, Jan P.A.

Comments on "Respiratory Waveform Pattern Recognition Using Digital
   Pages 293-294
   Mauricio A. Leon

Reply to Mauricio A. Leon
   Page 295
   Ferome B. Korten

Software survey section
   Pages I-VI