Computers in Biology and Medicine V 18 I 5

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 18, Issue 5, Pages 321-384 (1988)

Computer programs for neuroanatomy: Three-dimensional reconstruction and
analysis of populations of cortical neurons and other bodies with a laminar

   Original Research Article
   Pages 321-340

Selecting a processor for computations in molecular biophysics
   Original Research Article
   Pages 341-349
   Philip E. Bourne, Wayne A. Hendrickson

Calcium: A program in basic for calculating the composition of solutions
with specified free concentrations of calcium, magnesium and other divalent

   Original Research Article
   Pages 351-366

An integrated microcomputer system using immobilized cellular electrodes
for drug screening
   Original Research Article
   Pages 367-376
   Xiang-Ming Li, Richard M. Schwartz, Evangeline Y. Cesar, Henry Y. Wang

Two level entry concept for analog digital conversion package: Usage as
blackbox or toolkit
   Original Research Article
   Pages 377-384
   W. Schreiner, P. Schindler, J. Schuster, F. Neumann, W. Mohl, E. Wolner

Software survey section
   Pages I-VI