Computers in Biology and Medicine V 17 I 3

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 17, Issue 3, Pages 143-228 (1987)

Measurement of signal period on a personal microcomputer and its
application to the analysis of cardiac interval and blood pressure
   Original Research Article
   Pages 143-150
   Bruce N. Van Vliet, Nigel H. West, Jeremy D. Road

Data acquisition and analysis of pulsatile signals using a personal
computer: An application in cardiovascular physiology
   Original Research Article
   Pages 151-159
   A.P. Farrell, F. Bruce

On the solution of equations for feel-better hemodialysis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 161-172
   C.J. Lee, Y.L. Chang

A microcomputer-based vision system for area measurement
   Original Research Article
   Pages 173-183
   Nak Hyun Kim, Annette B. Wysocki, Alan C. Bovik, Kenneth R. Diller

Computer monitoring of auditory brainstem responses
   Original Research Article
   Pages 185-192
   Edward Miskiel, Özcan Özdamar

A rapid reproducible method for determination of basement membrane
thickness in biological structures
   Original Research Article
   Pages 193-197
   Tom A.J. McEwen, Subrata Chakrabarti, Anders A.F. Sima

A simplex procedure for fitting nonlinear pharmacokinetic models
   Original Research Article
   Pages 199-208
   Jerold S. Harmatz, David J. Greenblatt

Limiting efficiengies of the non-parametric median method for A exp(-kt)
   Original Research Article
   Pages 209-219
   A.H. Kalantar

Analysis of covariance by the SAS GLM procedure
   Original Research Article
   Pages 221-225
   James Lee

UK Alvey vision club: special conference "proceedings"
   Page 227

Application of artificial intelligence in engineering : To be held in
Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 4-17 August 1987
   Page 227

European conference on artificial intelligence in medicine : To be held
in Marseille, France, on 31 August-3 September 1987
   Page 227

Conference on artificial intelligence : To be held in Donostia-San
Sebastian, Basque Country on 17-11 September 1987
   Page 227

Ninth annual international conference in the IEEE Engineering in
Medicine and Biology society : To be held in Boston, Massachusetts, on 13-16

   Page 227

British pattern recognition association 4th International conference on
pattern recognition : To be held in Cambridge, England, on 28-30 March 1988
   Page 228

First IFAC symposium on modelling and control in biomedical systems : To
be held in Venice, Italy, on 6-8 April 1988
   Page 228

Software survey section
   Pages I-VI